Alchemy Edusols is a venture started by a group of experience academicians with a vision of establishing a path breaking parallel learning system. The founder Director, Ms. Smriti Singh Chauhan is a having 12 years of experience in the field of education.

The prevalent conditions are highly competitive. This competitiveness results in unwanted pressure in our minds. Today children are facing tremendous pressure. Our conventional education system falls short in matching the revised requirements of modern world. Expectation of parents/Teachers further adds to woes of students. A recently conducted survey has confirmed that approximately 80% of the students in India are under stress.

Alchemy is a step towards making the parenting easy and making learning a joyful process through scientifically proven methodology. Alchemy focuses upon enhancing the God gifted in born talent of every child. One of the prime goals of Alchemy is to fill the gap which exists in our current traditional education system. Alchemy provides priceless value addition in form of scientific knowledge which prepares our children in conquering the ruthless world.

Alchemy is working as Catalyst in providing a complete solution, in effective parenting and teaching for child empowerment.


“To create a path breaking learning system to bridge the gap between the traditional education system and modern day challenges.”


“We are focused on practices and programs that help the students to identify, acquired and effectively apply the inborn talent, acquired knowledge, attitudes, skills and beliefs to achieve their potential.”


“We are committed to nurture the potential of each child by providing a diverse techniques/technologies in supporting environment. We join hands with parents and the community to enable the child to be innovative, value-driven who contribute as a responsible global citizen.”

Our Services

Multiple Intelligence Decoding Test for children

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Multiple Intelligence Decoding Test for Adults

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Psychometric Analysis (Online/Offline)

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Career Counselling/Counselling / e-Counselling

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“Genius in Making” Programme

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“ Prodigy Pathfinder” Programme

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“Dexterity”-Skill Enhancement Programme

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Effective Parenting weekend Workshop

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Brain-Booster Programme

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